Launched in 2015 to bring stories to fellow travelers, photography lovers and wanderlusters, Perennial Journey showcases stories that are borne out of an interest in travel and humanity.

After years of traipsing around the world and sending travel bulletins to my family, I finally decided to put them together on this site when I moved from London to India in 2014 with my husband Graeme. Following our return to London in 2017 and a shift in my thinking, I expanded my writing to include my observations on the state of our planet and society.


Besides writing and taking photos, I enjoy eating and talking, especially about photography, travel, the environment and social issues.

I am convinced only my mum reads this blog so if you like what you read, please like or follow me to let me know you’re reading. It would be great to hear from you so please do feel free to drop me a line.

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